Technical support & tourism certification across Africa

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Benefit package

Membership benefits vary, depending on the needs of the business, and where they are at in their tourism journey.  Available support to advance this are below.

Technical support

  • access to a comprehensive sustainability management system based on the FTT standard & criteria
  • guidance on operational implementation
  • examples from industry
  • templates
  • monitoring tools
  • industry-specific best practice guides
  • "Peer pointers" referral option for relevant suppliers and / or service provders


  • learn from the experience of like-minded businesses through online meetings and chat groups
  • be exposed to thought leaders and industry experts through our webinar series
  • get ready to engage with FTT family members at in-person networking events

While marketing and market access benefits are often cited as being benefits of affiliation with Fair Trade Tourism, these are related to the use of the FTT-certified logo and to FTT's promotion of certified businesses. Members are not entitled to use the FTT-certified logo; this is reserved for businesses that have successfully passed an independent audit.

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