Technical support & tourism certification across Africa

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Benefit package

What's in it for me?

Benefits of certification include those referred to under "Membership" (click here to see what those are) as well as the significant marketing and market access opportunities that are unlocked through the use of a credible and robust label.

Specifically, these benefits include:

  • independent endorsement that your business is creating better places to live, work, and visit
  • reduced reputational risk by inviting a transparent verification of your sustainability claims
  • access to tour operators that increasingly seek verified, sustainably operated tourism products in the destination
  • featured on the Fair Trade Tourism website and social media platforms
  • invitations to submit relevant social media content to be featured in newsletters, blogs, and social media posts
  • Fair Trade Tourism-certified certificate that may be showcased in online marketing platforms, in reception areas / similar, in traveltrade packs as a USP of your offering, etc.
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