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Welcome to Fair Trade Tourism - the start of a rewarding journey that uses tourism to create better places to live, work and visit. It's a way of doing business that adapts the 'conventional' tourism business model to one that prioritises people and the planet.

To get started, please register your business. Once you have registered, we will contact you to confirm the details of your annual membership. Thereafter, you can access the FTT framework and technical support system on this platform; this step-by-step guidance enables you to identify which aspects of your current operations are already aligned with this comprehensive vision for Fair Trade and responsible tourism.  Where you identify gaps or opportunities to improve, support is provided for how you might do this, creating even more local benefits through your tourism business.

You can access a webinar of how the system works and what it offers on
´╗┐´╗┐Fair Trade Tourism's YouTube channel

Going through this Fair Trade and responsible tourism framework is beneficial in itself, providing a holistic review of your business operations and management systems. If, however, you would like an endorsement of your efforts and achievements, you may also choose to become certified by Fair Trade Tourism.  A success result from an independent audit will give you the right to use the FTT-Certified logo. It is the mark of best practice in Fair Trade and responsible toursm, differentiating you in the market as a leader in your destination. 

We look forward to supporting your business as you progress along this Fair Trade and responsible tourism journey.  May it reap benefits not only for your business and guests, but also for your team, local communities, and the natural environment in which you operate and on which every tourism destination depends.

For more information about Fair Trade Tourism, who is certified, costs, and how it all works, visit www.fairtradetourism.org.

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