Technical support & tourism certification across Africa

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Tourism businesses are warmly welcomed to a network of like-minded businesses who share a vision for more inclusive, responsible, and Fair Trade Tourism in Africa.

Members of the FTT community will have the opportunity to learn how they can adapt their operations to create more benefits for people and planet, while offering a rewarding travel experience. Find more information under the "eligibility" and "benefit package" tabs above.

Membership Fees

FTT membership fees are payable annually and are based on a sliding scale in an effort to make participation accessible to small and large businesses alike. Fees are calculated according to the number of full-time employees (or equivalent, e.g., two staff working half time equal one full-time employee) and are payable on an annual basis.

Annual membership fees range from R1,500 to R6,000 for micro and small businesses (up to 50 full-time employees), with the sliding scale going up from there.

Group rates for three or more businesses under a shared head office / management structure are also available. Please contact us on info(at) for details and a quotation.

Other African currencies, US$, and Euro-based quotations available on request (but will reflect an equivalent amount based on exchange rates at the time of query).

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